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Since its inception in 1993, BMGL has grown to become the leading auction-related Web site for Property Sales.

BMGL is the premier gateway linking bidders to traditional auction events broadcast on site, in real time via the Internet. Our company’s technology services suite connects the auction house with a global contingent of bidders, who might not otherwise be able to participate in remote auctions, either via your PC or Smartphone.

BMGL provides bidders with unprecedented levels of access to hundreds of auctions from its sales-room floors.

With its industry leading technology and unparalleled customer service, BMGL has held its position as the company of choice for value professionalism and reliability.​ BMGL is more than just a gateway connecting auction house and bidders; it’s also the auction industry’s no. 1 no-fee online database.

On any given day, the Live Auctioneers database displays Properties to be sold in upcoming auctions.

BMGL archive is the most comprehensive, up-to-date resource available to assist the Property Investor.​ BMGL prides itself in being on the cutting-edge of technological innovation.

Through our secure Bidder Network (SBN), BMGL’s registered users have the comfort of knowing they are on a level playing field with all other bidders. They are able to leave absentee bids for any upcoming sale with the full knowledge that SBN will keep those bids private and unable to be viewed by anyone else until the auction begins. It is only after the auction house clerk launches the applet and opens each lot that the incoming absentee bids placed through SBN are revealed.

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